Moving house

Inside HAB 2

Tonight we commenced closing the last remaining workstations for metal work in HAB1 and moving the machinery to HAB2. In the dead of night, four of us moved the lathe, the milling machine, a workbench, some welding machines and assorted paraphernalia from HAB1 to HAB2. During the weekend more equipment will be moved, and the […]

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When you almost get the urge to drink the air … !

Dear Readers, At times it’s possible to become totally absorbed by Refshaleøen. This Sunday has been absolutely amazing. I know of no other place is more beautiful, or makes more sense to be on such a day.   [video_lightbox_vimeo5 video_id=”70722008″ width=”600″ height=”400″ anchor=”Flying around the island. Video: Bo Tornvig”]   All around CS there has […]

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Sputnik in operation


This evening we conducted the first sea trial of MLP Sputnik after the winter. This was the first time in 2014 Copenhagen Suborbitals put to sea, and it was the first time the new starboard engine in MLP Sputnik was tested at sea. This sea trial concludes the refit and refurbishemnt of MLP Sputnik after […]

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A success story!


Dear Readers, When something goes really well you can end up unable to keep it to yourself. You’ll need to talk to someone, you simply have to vent this joy. Therefore, it is so good that I can write here when I´m burning with so much “Yes!” that I’m about to burst! Okay … I […]

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The new exeutive committee

At the general assembly two weeks ago on 3. March 2014 a new executive committee was elected: Chairman Kristian Elof Sørensen Executive officer Niels Johansen Bookkeeping Sabina Ringqvist Space strategy Thomas Pedersen Press and PR Mads Wilson 1. substitute Morten Bulskov 2. substitute Carsten Olsen   Most of these names should be familiar to anyone […]

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