A brand new era


Dear readers, CS have entered a new era as we have burst open the confinement of HAB and grows beyond it. It’s a new situation which is the product of a purely technical decision. We did start out with the minimalistic “stand up capsule” concept. Just as challenging as that was at the time, as […]

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Home again and HAB 2 is open!

Dear Readers, Wow! The big Boing 777 touched down safely at runway 22L at Kastrup Airport – and very shortly after I was back in HAB. A week in Asia was gone and I headed happily for the island. Sylvester and the two trainee machinists, Danny and Mathias, had been busy constructing the very large […]

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New horizons

Dear Readers, My current side business – as a lecturer – at times get me to faraway places and this time it’s back to Malaysia. I’ll be doing some “lectures” on University Putra Malaysia, about rocket engines.The university has very skilled theorists already and they have seen a need to learn a bit about how […]

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