A Bastard Named Ballute


We just initiated the Ballute design-phase and we have already created the very first prototype which seems like a promising try-out model. For those of you have not familiar with the bizarre object known as a ballute – it is basically a bastard between a parachute and a balloon – hence the word. The common […]

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What do we do if HEAT 2X simply blows up?


Dear Readers, Let’s be realistic. We may well witness HEAT 2X destroying itself during the static test 1st March (postponed to end of May). Should this happen we will have different options. We can, for example, all break down from stress or having collective massive nervous breakdowns. Or maybe we’ll choose to sit down and […]

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Got Nomex?


Winter and minus degrees are here but work continues around the clock to meet the deadline of the Copenhagen Suborbitals space shot this coming summer. There are still so much to do and we are working the development and production steady with a focus on independent subsystems every day. Some of the key components we […]

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Blog Question: How warped is a rocket allowed to become?


Dear Readers, There’s a lot of good blog questions, so here are some answers: Jens Kastvig asks: “HEAT 2X and especially HEAT 1600 are a little crooked. How much bias may be permitted (without causing Nyboe excessive problems) and how can one practically guarantee against excessive imbalance?” Jens, we can build the rockets with the […]

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Copenhagen Suborbitals – 2013 in Review

Dear readers, friends, colleagues and supporters. Thank you so much for an amazing 2013. Im back at work after a great X-mas with family and friends. My kids are at my grand-parents and the strong gravity of our new facility has pulled my in already. Soon we will see the end of 2013 and Copenhagen […]

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Happy Holidays from Copenhagen Suborbitals

Dear readers and friends, Happy holidays! We are looking forward to our 2014 space-shot. Hope you are as well. Sputnik leaving SpacePort Nexoe in 2014 for the HEAT2X/TDS80 space-shot. Thanks for all your support in 2013. (Click for larger image). Image: Carsten .Brandt. Images of home made xmas-capsules around the world are arriving in my […]

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HEAT2X-TDS80 Visualization

Dear Readers, If you follow this project – you already know that our efforts of putting a man into space on a suborbital DIY mission is a project about making dreams and ideas come true. The real driver for doing this is finding solutions to the many exciting problem this project has to offer – […]

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Report from the rocket workshop: status on 2X.

Dear Readers, This Saturday, I came around to Hangar 2 and found Andreas busy putting the final touches on the pipework inside 2X. In some ways it still feels kind of special to be working on the various valves in a fluid motor. Back in old days – when amateurs could only think of working […]

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