Preparations for the HEAT-2X static test

Carsten Brandt and Peter Madsen painting HEAT-2X tank and engine section.

If you follow CS on Twitter (@CopSub) you might have noticed a fair amount of updates lately. If you are not a Twitter person, fear not, we have compiled a few updates right here. It is however just a small insight into all of the action we are seeing these days. The jet vanes for […]

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GO for Main Engine Start

Dear readers , Six years ago and a day saw the birth of CS. It happened on just that day because it was the day when we launched the submarine Nautilus into Copenhagen Harbor which again meant that we now had vacant manpower for a new project. It turned out to be a space project. It […]

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The real lesson from experimenting


Dear Readers, In my previous blog I threw a bunch of pressure curves and tabulated test results at you. A closer look at the curves show that the tank pressure drops quite dramatically during all our “pressure blow down” tests. [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”vfV1DKE8_5s” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”Video compilation of all three tests with high-speed footage.”]   If […]

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