Electrical connections

The rocket mock-up with the wire harness being laid up. Photo: Bo Brændstrup.

In a quiet corner on the platform above the metal workshop, a rocket mock-up made of cardboard and wooden boards has been put on a pair of sawhorses. It is used as a template for laying up the cable harness connecting the avionics bay to the rocket engine controller (ECU) and the jet vane servos […]

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Current Affairs: Thrust Vectoring Gimbal BPM5

The next video in the Current Affairs series is about the Bachelor thesis project of our Dutch engineering intern Jop Nijenhuis. His project was to design and build a technology demonstrator for electro-hydraulic gimballed thrust vector control for the Nexø class of rockets.

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Current affairs The onboard video on Nexø II

This second vlog is a status on the video system of the Nexø II rocket planned for launch this summer. The Nexø II is a progression on the Nexø I now with a DPR system. One more addition is a new camera system containing three cameras. Here Alex Csete (the designer) tells more about the […]

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Vostok & Sputnik on land in Nexø

Photo: Kristian Elof Sørensen/CS

Wednesday Tuesday evening, Jop, Scott, Johansen and I travelled to Bornholm. Jesper arrived the following day. Per who lives on the island, joined on Wednesday. We arrived early in the morning at Nexø harbour, after a brief night’s sleep aboard the good ship M/S Hammerodde. The air temperature was just above freezing. The auxiliary engine […]

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Parachute test on Saturday – and HELP us!


Dear readers We really need your help with an important thing. You can read more about it further down the page. Parachute test this Saturday We are planning a new manned parachute test this Saturday morning at Center Jump, Odense Airport. This time we are testing an (obvious) modification we made to the reefing system. […]

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