Engine test this coming weekend

The rocket engines will roar again on Refshaleøen! The test will concentrate on optimizing the operating point of the Nexø II flight engine. This means that we will test a number of different pressure levels, centered around 15 bar, and also vary the O/F ratio (Oxydizer to Fuel ratio). We aim at determining the tank […]

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Wind tunnel test of the model of the space capsule

The ballute for Nexø I during testing in the wind tunnel. Photo: Jev Olsen.

(translation by Bo Brændstrup) Dear readers, It is with great pleasure that I can inform you that we will test our scale model of the space capsule for the first Danish amateur astronaut very soon. The test will be held at Copenhagen Air Experience, who will again be hosting a very important test   What […]

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High-pressure tank and its valves built into a 300 mm Nexø-class airframe. Graphics: Thomas Madsen.

Dear Readers, Recently, a reader of our Ing.dk blog asked for more detail on the Nexø II DPR system and high pressure tank. Thus, let us look into that in this post. The simplest way to operate a liquid propellant rocket is by Pressure Blowdown (PBD). A mode of operation where the propellant tanks are […]

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The Art of Spica: Paintings of Our Manned Flight

Spica V lifts off from MLP Sputnik II. Art by Jonas Linell.

By  Jonas Linell Creative Director and Concept Artist Communication Group, CS In Copenhagen Suborbitals, the actual work on our first manned rocket has begun. The engine group are busy designing the massive Spica engine, so far called BPM-100 (Bi Propellant Motor 100 kN), that will deliver the 10+ tons of thrust needed to fly a […]

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Christmas visit in Nexø Harbour

Ships maintenance Ships will detoriate by themself if left alone and unattended. Therefore Scott and myself are at present enroute to Nexø Harbour for a round of maintenance and upkeep on Sputnik & Vostok. If you happen to be on Bornholm, then feel free to come and visit us and see the ships. We will […]

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A new battery charger for Nexø II

Through spring and summer of 2016 we have performed a plethora of long tests while running the onboard electronics from the rocket’s internal batteries. For that reason we have also spent a lot of time – far too much annoying time – charging the internal batteries. Although we have dedicated multichannel chargers, it has turned […]

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From sewer pipe to space capsule

Original blog in danish by Mads Stenfatt.   Dear readers,   A couple of days ago, our chairman very poetically stated: Thus the seed for the revived work within the space capsule study group has been planted.   As described previously, we are preparing a test investigating the capsule touchdown angle resulting in the softest […]

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Junque in armor

Since the last time I wrote about the cheap cameras from China, locally known as CCC (Chinese Crap Camera), I’ve been tinkering to get something sensible out of the small buggers. The footage we have obtained is OK as is, the problem lies in getting them to function properly when the action is happening.   […]

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