CS at Maker Faire

Maker Faire in Newcastle UK This weekend Maker Faire takes place in Newcastle, UK. Copenhagen Suborbitals has been invited to exhibit as one of their “Headline Makers”. Maker Faire is a major event for people who enjoy building stuff themself, so we do fit in nicely with our homemade rockets & spacecraft. We post photos […]

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Electronics Status of Nexø I

Dear readers We completed integration testing of on-board electronics for the Nexø I rocket a couple of weeks ago. Everything worked apart from our GPS Units. It turned out that they are sensitive to the video transmitters frequencies, which is right around 1500 MHz. The GPS units, which are from Piksie and Poxa, could get […]

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The CS intern introduction – Jop, the Dutch connection

Finished VTC, with crane, flame deflector, and prototype gas generator

Hi, my name is Jop Nijenhuis. And I’ve been asked to write a short blog about myself, as the new intern here at Copenhagen Suborbitals. Well where to start, I’m 21 years old and from the Netherlands. Being the type of student that likes a lot of engineering disciplines, resulted into me study Mechatronics Engineering. […]

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February 2016 in Copenhagen Suborbitals

Jop – the new intern A couple weeks ago we got a new intern. His name is Jop Nijenhuis, he is 21 years old and from the Netherlands. We take on a few interns a year. The schedule has to be right. We need to have tasks for the interns that match their field of […]

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We need a new teststand

A few weeks ago we received notice that the entire open are along the huge berm that crosses the Refshaleøen Island east-to-west has been rented out for the next couple years to the company building the next metro line in Copenhagen. Therefore we can no longer have our rocket engine teststand located next to the […]

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A new box for CCCZ

On thinking outside the (original) box.   It takes a fair amount of time to arrange and set up cameras for a motor test or other kind of test here at CS. A lot of doublesided self adhesive pads are used to place the black plastic mounts holding the waterproof housings for the CCC(Z) and […]

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New version of our live video mixer Snowmix


We’ve just released a new version of our live video mixer “Snowmix” New Snowmix version 0.5.1 is available for download. This version Snowmix adds a number of new GUI programs suitable for controlling Snowmix in a Live production enviroment. In addition to this, a number of bugfixes and improvements are included further strengthening the stability […]

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What’s the purpose of it all? Part 1


Translated by Daen de Leon (Spaceflower) Dear Readers, Recently, there’s been some confusion on this blog about what we’re doing at Copenhagen Suborbitals (CS).  What’s the deal with BPM-2 and BPM-5?  Why would we build more BPM-5 engines?  How far along is BPM-100?  And why are we talking about ablative cooling and epoxy/fiber engines now […]

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