Come and see us test rocket engines

On Saturday May 2nd we’ll testfire several rocket engines. The viewing area is open from 12.00.

The plan is to test the first engine at approx. 13:00 after that four or five engines more with about three quarters to one hour in between.

We invite you to watch the test live at our facility. You can buy tickets here. 

If you’re a Copenhagen Suborbitals Supporter you have free access. Please register here by choosing the “CS Supporter” ticket. It’s still free but it helps us to know how many will attend the test.

If you’re not a supporter yet then you can register here.

Members of the press are welcome as always. Please contact for further information.

It will be possible to buy coffee, soft drinks and snacks. At this event we cannot offer any kind of hot meals. Therefore we encourage you to bring your own.

We will provide a live and commented broadcast of the preparations and the tests on Youtube.

As you may be aware, all activities related to rocketscience is prone to be hit by scrubs and delays. Lots of things and events has to occur timely to be able to ignite a rocketengine, be it static tests like these, or a real launch. Delays and scrubs may thus happen, and will be published here on the webiste and our social media channels.

We will keep updating this post with information about the tests and testday – so stay tuned.

Video from our first BPM-2 test:

2 thoughts on “Come and see us test rocket engines

  1. Rocketry as a spectator sport – What a lovely idea!
    It’s a lot more educational than football.
    Our presenter had a challenging day, but he kept his cool.
    Walter Cronkite would be proud of him!

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