The support group

The support group, Copenhagen Suborbitals Support, CSS, was founded by a group of dedicated fans in November 2010, and has since then evolved into an integrated part of the project. Our objective is to secure a long term financial foundation for Copenhagen Suborbitals, and we do that by recruiting supporters and donors, as well as organizing events, selling merchandice and much, much more.

To become a proud Copenhagen Suborbitals Supporter, all you have to do is to sign up for a monthly donation. Feel free to donate whateever you like per month.

To maintain your status as proud Copenhagen Suborbitals Supporter, all we ask of you, is that you donate at least $20 or DKK100 a year.

As Copenhagen Suborbitals Supporter, you get free access to our events, such as motor tests, launch events and more.

Click here to sign up as Copenhagen Suborbitals Supporter and setup a monthly donation through bank or PayPal.



General Assembly documents:

Minutes from general assembly 2015 (In danish)