Peter Madsen has had no connection to Copenhagen Suborbitals since June 2014. Prior to that, he had been in disagreement with the other members of the group for years, including the board. This culminated in June 2014, and created a deep rift between Peter Madsen and the rest of us. 

In June 2014, Peter Madsen chose to leave Copenhagen Suborbitals with immediate effect. Since then, Peter Madsen has had no connection with or relation to us, but has often voiced his anger and bitterness with Copenhagen Suborbitals, both publicly and in private.

We, in Copenhagen Suborbitals, decided not to engage in a heated, emotional, public fight with him. We restrained ourselves to factual, well considered response when needed.

At that time, the submarine Nautilus belonged legally to another association, “Ubådsforeningen UC3 Nautilus”, which had many members who also were part of Copenhagen Suborbitals. Peter Madsen started arguing in public that he had the moral right to Nautilus, often using slander.

These attacks eventually became too strenuous for the members of Ubådsforeningen UC3 Nautilus, who in 2015 decided to hand the submarine over to the company Peter Madsen works for, but do not own despite the name – Raket Madsens Rumlaboratorium Aps. Since, neither Ubådsforeningen UC3 Nautilus nor Copenhagen Suborbitals have had anything to do with either the submarine or Peter Madsen.

We are all  deeply saddened by the tragic death of Kim Wall and out our heartfelt sympathy goes out to her family and friends.

The entire team of Copenhagen Suborbitals

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