Volunteer positions

Here is an overview of tasks/positions where we need help.

All work is voluntary and unpaid.

Audio management

Responsible for audio quality during live broadcast. Review of audio systems, enhancements, audio production as well as controlling and monitoring audio quality during live broadcast.

Camerasystems for Live-streaming.

Design and constuction of camera systems for live-streaming. Help us construct remote controlled camera systems for fixed positions on our fleet of vessels as well as camera systems for our rockets.

Live video production

Assistent producer for live broadcast.

Network maintenance and operations

Design and build a network monitoring system. Monitoring, maintenance and repair.

Servermaintenance and operations

Commissioning, maintenance and repair of our server systems (Linux).

All work is voluntary and unpaid and is often done on a minimal budget. Our physical systems and software are often custom and purpose built, so only your skills, creativity and knowledge sets the limits (beyond the budget).

You will after a thorough introduction be  expected to be able to work on your own, but at the same time work well in groups and interface well to other disciplines.

It’s up to you to decide the work scope and time you will be able dedicate to the project.
However it’s expected that you comply with agreements and deadlines. We’re a large number of dedicated individual experts who are dependent on each other and that agreements and deadlines are uphold.

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