Copenhagen Suborbitals
Refshalevej 183A
DK-1432 Copenhagen K
CVR 34156158

Sponsoring and lectures

All contact related to sponsoring and lectures must go to:
Christian Møller Nielsen at Orators ApS
Phone: +45 20603050

Internships and interns

We regret to inform our many talented and highly motivated intern applicants, that CS is incapable of taking any interns at this time. Interns require a constant flow of knowledge, tasks, sparring and learning, in order for an internship to be succesful, which CS cannot honor as long as we don’t have any full time emplyees. First hand experience shows that evening, weekend and part time sparring doesn’t work.

There is a lot of talent out there, but we cannot accommodate interns at this time.

Bachelor/Master project applications:

An exception from the intern situation are a sub-group of highly self-motivating and self-reliant university students. We can take one or two of these university students, doing their bachelor or master thesis on space technology and rocketry, concurrently. A combination of these self-motivated students having a dedicated university supervisor and CS staff providing intermittent sparring, has however proven very succesful.

It is however a CS requirement, that any students conduct the CS relevant projects on-site at the CS facilities in Copenhagen Denmark.

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