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DEAR COPENHAGEN SUBORBITALS GUESTS, We'll get right to it: We need your help to run Copenhagen Suborbitals. This is a 100% non-profit project driven by sheer joy and hard work. We survive on donations averaging about $10, that we use to pay for raw materials, tools, our workshop, electricity and most importantly, rocket fuel. The entire CS team are unpaid volunteers, building rockets in our spare time. If this project brings you joy, please donate to keep it running. Thank you.

Applications for 2022 are now closed.

Thanks to everyone who applied.

Spica is an enormous project, and we need more hands to help, which is why we started the recruits project. This is our program to get more interested and talented people like you into Copenhagen Suborbitals, while teaching you how to build rockets before helping with Spica. Applications for the 2022 recruits team are now open, so if this sounds interesting to you, keep reading!

We also made a short video on our youtube channel announcing this, go watch it if you haven’t:

What the recruits will be doing

Over the course of 18 months, the recruits will be designing, building, testing and flying a medium-sized bi-propellant rocket based on previous CS experience and technology. This includes laying out the target capabilities of the rocket, designing the structure and fluids system, designing electronics and software architecture, soldering, coding, testing, and iterating before finally launching the rocket! We want to push our BPM5 engine to the limits and squeeze out every last bit of performance, so we’ll be refining the technology to achieve higher and higher pressures.

Even though the project duration is 18 months, a new team will be started every year, giving an overlap of around half a year. The teams start in winter and launch during summer of the following year. Work on the rocket will happen around once a week in the workshop with an additional virtual meeting during the week. Of course, design tasks can be done during the week as well.

Who and what we need

This year, we are aiming for a team of 12 to 16 people with a variety of skills and interests. Specifically, we are looking for:

  • 2 media people, who will be responsible for filming, video editing and social media outreach
  • 2 fundraising and outreach people, who will be looking for company sponsorships, either material or monetary to help fund the rocket
  • 1 producer, who will be responsible for tying together the story of the recruits in a coherent narrative
  • 4 mechanical people, who will work with the aerodynamics, structure and manufacturing. Preferable you have an interest in or experience with some mechanical design and machining
  • 3 electronics people, who will be responsible for designing, producing, testing and integrating the electronics on the rocket
  • 2 software people, who will design the software architecture and implement it on a microcontroller
  • 2 project managers, who will keep the project on track and make sure everyone has something to do

As a bonus, if we receive a lot of applications, there will also be space for an additional:

  • 4 payload specialists, who will be developing a payload to fly on the rocket, parallel to the rocket development itself

You don’t need to be an expert in any of these things to apply, all you need is to be interested and willing to learn. We have internal courses on everything from rocket engine dynamics to machining, welding and CAM. If you already are an expert, you are still more than welcome of course, we will find something to challenge everyone!

The producer can be remote, but it is very much preferable that you are close to the workshop in Copenhagen. Lastly, the responsibilities are not set in stone. If you applied for software, but you are also interested in machining, that is no problem. The producer can also help with editing, electronics people can help with filming, etc. It is all very flexible.

How to apply

Applications are closed now, but check back again next year!

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