We are pleased to announce that Minister of Education and Research, Christina Egelund, has chosen to withdraw the “L 77 Bill on Amendment of the Act on Activities in Outer Space”. Copenhagen Suborbitals (CS) has put in a lot of effort over the years to argue against the proposal in a well-founded manner.

A total ban on rocket launches from Danish territory, as proposed in the bill, would have had very damaging consequences for the Danish spaceflight and space research sector.

We want to commend the minister for listening to our concerns and taking our arguments into consideration. This shows that our voices are being heard and respected in the political decision-making process.

We look forward to starting over with a rational process that can create the framework for Danish space exploration and research in the future. We want to contribute to the development and strengthening of Danish space exploration and research in a way that respects safety and the environment. We thank the minister and look forward to collaborating with her and other stakeholders in the future to promote Danish space exploration and research.

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