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DEAR COPENHAGEN SUBORBITALS GUESTS, We'll get right to it: We need your help to run Copenhagen Suborbitals. This is a 100% non-profit project driven by sheer joy and hard work. We survive on donations averaging about $10, that we use to pay for raw materials, tools, our workshop, electricity and most importantly, rocket fuel. The entire CS team are unpaid volunteers, building rockets in our spare time. If this project brings you joy, please donate to keep it running. Thank you.

Splashdown test

Dear Rocketfans We need your thoughts and ideas A while ago, we had some tests to investigate the best landing configuration of the space capsule, to minimize the forces that our astronout will be exposed Read more…


Welding Spica I

Dear Rocket Fans, Last Sunday it was finally time for our home-built long-seam welder to show its worth. The propellant tanks for Spica I had to be welded. Prior to this, of course, a lot Read more…


Injector soldering

Dear rocket fans, As you probably remember, we decided to test coaxial swirlers in our BPM5 engine before making a full BPM100 injector. There are two main reasons for this. First, we would like to Read more…


New EDA tool.

The electronics group in Copenhagen Suborbitals has used the somewhat quiet period after the launch of Nexø II to decide, among other things, which EDA (Electronic Design Automation) software is best suited for us. We Read more…


1st swirler data

Dear Rocket Friends, After a bit of getting ready we are now in the process of measuring how our nice little swirlers are performing. As you may remember, we got them milled at PH Spaanteknik Read more…



Dear rocket friends A few weeks ago we went on a field trip to Odense Skydiving Center for yet another parachute test. This time we tested the first Spica space capsule ballute and a minor Read more…


Spica tanks

Dear rocket fans, It is a great pleasure to tell you that we have just ordered materials for the first Spica rocket! Specifically, it is materials for the first Spica rocket propellant tanks that we Read more…


It swirls!

Dear rocket fans, We spent quite a bit of time preparing to solder the first brass swirlers. The idea was to solder them in vacuum. For that we made a nice little stainless steel chamber Read more…


The nitrogen evaporator

Dear readers, Not long ago we received a nice item from PH Spaanteknik which has once again helped us with some CNC machining. Jakob has spent a lot of hours this time and we are very grateful. So, Read more…