We’re thrilled to announce that our senior members, experienced pioneers in space exploration and technological innovation, are available for booking lectures, inspirational talks, and events. And here’s the best part – every booking directly supports our project and its ongoing funding, contributing to the continued progress of our inspiring journey.

Over the past decade, we have delivered more than a hundred lectures worldwide, captivating audiences at international conferences, local businesses, and global corporations. Our extensive experience in leading a large volunteer project, crowd-funded initiatives, and disrupting technology fields has equipped us to inspire, engage, and enlighten.

Our speakers skillfully navigate both deep-dives and inspirational discourses, offering a unique perspective on crowdfunding, managing large-scale volunteer projects, fostering innovation, and navigating technology disruption. Join us as we translate the wisdom garnered from our journey to the stars into a transformative experience for you and your team.

Book a session with us, and let’s explore the universe together!

For more information about availability and pricing please write to: booking@copsub.com