Spica will be powered by a 100 kN liquid bi-propellant engine running on liquid oxygen and ethanol just like our experimental BPM5 engine. Spica and the so far unnamed capsule will have a diameter of 955 mm, a total height of about 13 meter and a Gross Lift Off Weight (GLOW) of 4000 kg of which 2600 kg will be propellant. Thus Spica is a significantly larger rocket than our own HEAT-1X and will by a far margin be the largest rocket ever build by amateurs.

The engine will be fed in a pressure blow down combined with an active pressurisation system. Thus the propellant tank pressure will be maintained at the initial pressure for the first part of powered flight by a high pressure system. The implementation of such an active pressure regulation system results in a drastic overall performance increase and lower GLOW, it comes at a price of higher complexity though.

As of October 4th we’re starting a new project in CS. It is pleasure to announce the latest project in CS; a rather ambitious project that will kickstart the road ahead towards the first flight of the Spica rocket. We call the project:

“BPM100 in 100 days”

The goal is quite tangible. It’s simply to design and build the first prototype of a 100 kN engine in 100 days! Hear more about it in the video below:


Below you can download our BPM-100 patch: