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DEAR COPENHAGEN SUBORBITALS GUESTS, We'll get right to it: We need your help to run Copenhagen Suborbitals. This is a 100% non-profit project driven by sheer joy and hard work. We survive on donations averaging about $10, that we use to pay for raw materials, tools, our workshop, electricity and most importantly, rocket fuel. The entire CS team are unpaid volunteers, building rockets in our spare time. If this project brings you joy, please donate to keep it running. Thank you.

On June 29th we paid a visit to our good friends in Odense Faldskærms Center – a Danish skydiving club. Our goal was to put one brave skydiver under our homemade Spica space capsule’s Ballute and reefed parachute to test their design and performance. We were both lucky with the weather and the tests, so the only thing left to do is sift through the gathered data and verify the performance of our Kevlar Ballute.

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