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Nexø II swing test. This test is performed to verify that the jet vanes will react as expected by the Guidance and Navigation Computer (GNC). Visual inspection will verify that the vanes deflect to counter the movement of the rocket.

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Published by Rasmus Agdestein on

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Arnoud Ypey · 4th November 2017 at 1:07 pm

I was watching the complete video on the Nexus 1 and love what you guys are pulling off. I totaly believe in the cheap light smart simple approach. In that spirit i was wondering the folowing: You guys had thick aluminium plating on a stirdy frame structure and used foam to fill up open area’s. It struck my mind; why not keep the vertical structure in sight on the outside of the rocket. The tanks will have the double purpose and also be the ouside skin of the rocket. On the open technical sections you can put plating and the support structure inside the vertical frame, but why not even cheaper and lighter? Why not keep al technical sections open until the very last week of preperation, then fill them up with polyurethane foam, sand them off to the shape of the rocket. Maybe put some layers of Carbon Fiber Resin on them if you need more strength during flight. It is mostly weight reduction, i know you guys are metal workers, but man get rid of the steal where you can!

Continue the good work guys! we need to get species evolution into space.

A fan from the Netherlands.

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