Status in Copenhagen Suborbitals

Short Status from the workshop at Copenhagen Suborbitals.

2 thoughts on “Status in Copenhagen Suborbitals

  1. you all should work on out of the normal ideas. not the same old same old. why not try launching from a weather balloon ? or from a airplane .. I guess others are doing this. but just seems logical. seems you may get more funding if you all should try new ideas.

    seems you also need some sort of satellite for your communications , I bet google or someone could help you with.. this I know they are interested in space.

    maybe put up a stream of weather balloons and remote control drones to relay the communications on launch day for now. until you can get some help with communications or build your own satellites. ..

    I wish I could get involved in this. but not a phd billion air… I got tons of ideas on things I would try.

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