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We will launch this summer



This summer, we are launching the Nexø II rocket, as the next step towards our goal of flying an amateur astronaut into space. The rocket is the second of the Nexø Class to fly, named after the city of Nexø on the Bornholm island that hosts the Danish spaceport. Standing 6.7 m tall, Nexø II is the second, fully guided and liquid fueled rocket we’ve built. The rocket also features a new pressure regulating system to maximize engine performance.


Rocket status:

Nexø II has looked half-finished for some time. This is because the rocket is a modular design, and different people has been working on different parts, in the workshop and elsewhere.
Now all the parts are just about assembled, the fuselage has been painted white, and Nexø II now looks like a rocket.
We still have to do some adjustments, mainly on the engine, but we are just about done.
Next phase will consist of a large number of tests, to verify that the systems function as intended, before we sail to Bornholm and launch the rocket.

The flight will happen between July 1st and September 1st, with the actual date depending on weather conditions.


Download the Nexø II press release and images here.

Press contact: Mads Wilson, Chief Communication Officer.

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About the Nexø II rocket mission

The Nexø II mission is the final step before the manned Spica class rocket. It’s a technology demonstrator for our DPR system, that optimizes engine performance and control the rockets thrust the entire flight. Nexø II is 6,7m tall and is propelled by the BPM-5 engine.

DPR stands for Dynamic Pressure Regulation, and is a system that maintains constant pressure in the fuel and oxidizer tanks.

The Nexø II mission. Click to enlarge. Nexø II flight events. Click to enlarge.
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We need your help!

We’re launching the Nexø II this summer and we need your help.  We have started a campaign to enable us to fund the alcohol, helium, diesel fuel and other necessities required to launch a rocket at sea. The Indiegogo campaign can be found here. You can also support us here on the website





See videos about the Nexø II rocket below:

Walk through of the jet vane design and implementation on the Nexø II rocket.
Here we’ll take a closer look at the work going on beside the rocket: the planning and administration.
The main cable harness for Nexø II
Status on the DPR system of the Nexø II rocket
The onboard video on Nexø II
Engine and DPR section of the Nexø II rocket

See our new video about the Nexø I rocket launch last year:

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