Nexø II rocket mission page
No Nexø II launch in 2017


The Nexø II rocket remains grounded on land until summer of 2018, the board of Copenhagen Suborbitals has decided.

Launching a rocket is a large-scale project. A lot of different parameters must be fulfilled in order for the Nexø II mission to be optimum, and this year it has simply not been possible due to both internal and external delays combined with bad weather conditions.

The mission is still on, and we are launching Nexø II in the summer of 2018

Rocket status:

Due to NoGo from the swedish air traffic control we have to postpone the Nexø II launch until 2018.

The next possible launch window is in 2018.

The launch will as always take place from ESD139 in the Baltic sea.

Updates will be issues continuously towards the planned launch dates. The launch will be broadcasted live on this website.



Download the Nexø II press release and images here.

Press contact: Mads Wilson, Chief Communication Officer.

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About the Nexø II rocket mission

The Nexø II mission is the final step before the manned Spica class rocket. It’s a technology demonstrator for our DPR system, that optimizes engine performance and control the rockets thrust the entire flight. Nexø II is 6,7m tall and is propelled by the BPM-5 engine.

DPR stands for Dynamic Pressure Regulation, and is a system that maintains constant pressure in the fuel and oxidizer tanks.

The Nexø II mission. Click to enlarge. Nexø II flight events. Click to enlarge.
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See videos about the Nexø II rocket below:

Engine and DPR section of the Nexø II rocket
The onboard video on Nexø II
Status on the DPR system of the Nexø II rocket
The main cable harness for Nexø II
Here we’ll take a closer look at the work going on beside the rocket: the planning and administration.
Walk through of the jet vane design and implementation on the Nexø II rocket.
High-pressure test of the DPR system
Calibration of the LOX sensor
Nexø II Tabletop ECU test
Video Antenna on Nexø II
DPR Water Flow Test on Nexø II
The FIDO system.
CCC Chinese Crap Camera
Nexø II Cold Soak Test
WiFi Distance test
The Launch Controle Box
Blue RIB – Flemming Rasmussen
Status in Copenhagen Suborbitals.

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