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Launch completed

Nexø I launched on July 23rd

See the Nexø I flightplan here.


Download the Nexø I press release and images here.

Press contact: Mads Wilson, Chief Communication Officer.

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About the Nexø I rocket mission



The Nexø I rocket is the next step towards our goal of flying an amateur astronaut into space. Standing 5,6 m tall, it’s our first fully guided and liquid fuelled rocket, It demonstrates systems like thrust vectoring and ballute/parachute descend, Launched from our sailing launch platform in the Baltic Sea east of Denmark, it will reach a 6-10km before landing back in the ocean by parachute.In the coming years the systems and technology tested on Nexø I will be used to build the big Spica rocket and space capsule.

Final adjustmens of the ballute and parachute before launch of the Nexø 1 rocket. Final adjustmens of the guidance system before launch of the Nexø 1 Rocket. NEXØ 1 Sea Acceptance Test 2016 CS Flotilla 2016
DSC06426 DSC08884CRPS
Nexø I on it’s launch rail onboard MLP Sputnik, seen at the Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) recently in the Copenhagen harbour. Click to enlarge. Mobile Launch Platform Sputnik with Nexø I with Command and
recovery ship M/V Vostok in the background, seen at our HQ in Copenhagen. Click to enlarge.
Infographic showing Spaceport Nexø on the island of Bornholm, the launch site EDS139, and some of the mission ships. Click to enlarge.

Key mission events

T – 6 hours: MLP Sputnik with rocket attached to launch tower departs Spaceport Nexø, eastbound for sea launch zone ESD139.

T – 3 hours: All ships at assigned positions in launch zone

T – 25 mins: All aircraft airborne at holding positions

T – 0: Lift-off

T + 2 mins: Nexø I descending under main parachute. Aircraft and recovery shps track and deploy toward splashdown position

T + 3 mins: Nexø I splashdown

T + 20 mins Nexø I rocket and parachute are hoisted up in cradle on M/S Vostok’s deck.

T + 5 hours: All aircrafts back at airstrip. All ships back in Spaceport Nexø


See the Nexø I rocket in detail
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