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Launch completed

Nexø I launched on July 23rd

See the Nexø I flightplan here.


Download the Nexø I press release and images here.

Press contact: Mads Wilson, Chief Communication Officer.

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About the Nexø I rocket mission



The Nexø I rocket is the next step towards our goal of flying an amateur astronaut into space. Standing 5,6 m tall, it’s our first fully guided and liquid fuelled rocket, It demonstrates systems like thrust vectoring and ballute/parachute descend, Launched from our sailing launch platform in the Baltic Sea east of Denmark, it will reach a 6-10km before landing back in the ocean by parachute.In the coming years the systems and technology tested on Nexø I will be used to build the big Spica rocket and space capsule.

Final adjustmens of the ballute and parachute before launch of the Nexø 1 rocket. Final adjustmens of the guidance system before launch of the Nexø 1 Rocket. NEXØ 1 Sea Acceptance Test 2016 CS Flotilla 2016
DSC06426 DSC08884CRPS
Nexø I on it’s launch rail onboard MLP Sputnik, seen at the Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) recently in the Copenhagen harbour. Click to enlarge. Mobile Launch Platform Sputnik with Nexø I with Command and
recovery ship M/V Vostok in the background, seen at our HQ in Copenhagen. Click to enlarge.
Nexoe_launch_map_range nexøflightevents
Infographic explaining the maiin events of the Nexø I flight from lift-off to splash-down. Click to enlarge. Infographic showing Spaceport Nexø on the island of Bornholm, the launch site EDS139, and some of the mission ships. Click to enlarge.

Key mission events

T – 6 hours: MLP Sputnik with rocket attached to launch tower departs Spaceport Nexø, eastbound for sea launch zone ESD139.

T – 3 hours: All ships at assigned positions in launch zone

T – 25 mins: All aircraft airborne at holding positions

T – 0: Lift-off

T + 2 mins: Nexø I descending under main parachute. Aircraft and recovery shps track and deploy toward splashdown position

T + 3 mins: Nexø I splashdown

T + 20 mins Nexø I rocket and parachute are hoisted up in cradle on M/S Vostok’s deck.

T + 5 hours: All aircrafts back at airstrip. All ships back in Spaceport Nexø


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